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The Huntington Beach Police Department offers a Pay-N-Stay program for individuals given the opportunity to serve their sentence in an alternate sentencing program. This is a fee-based program available to qualified men and women who have been convicted and sentenced for a misdemeanor offense to serve time in a city jail.

The Pay-N-Stay Program is an opportunity for men and women to work or attend school in the community while serving their sentences at night and on weekends. Checkout times are established for morning releases and return for check-in in the evening based on the individual sentence. Work Release Inmates may also participate in Court ordered treatment in the community during their stay.

The Pay-N-Stay Inmate Worker Program is an alternative to serving a sentence in a County Jail. With the permission of the sentencing court, men and women may select to serve their sentence in the Huntington Beach City Jail as inmate workers. Sentences are served on consecutive days, to include weekends.

Pay-N-Stay Inmates are housed separate from all other inmates and will have minimal contact with the non-sentenced inmates. Pay-N-Stay Inmates will assist with minor chores during their stay. These chores include cleaning, laundry, trash removal, etc. Applicants to these programs that are unable or unwilling to follow the rules and instructions given by Jail Staff will be transferred to the Orange County Jail.

The Huntington Beach City Jail is limited in size and ability to house all types of inmates. Due to these limitations, we do have some restrictions. In order to ensure that we are able to meet the inmate needs, all applicants need to submit an application, complete a medical questionnaire, and be interviewed prior to receiving approval to enroll in one of our programs. Once an application is received, the Jail Staff will contact the applicant and schedule an interview to discuss the programs.

All applicants requesting to serve their sentence in the Huntington Beach City Jail are required to receive a test for Tuberculosis and been cleared within 90 days of starting their sentence. The test is the responsibility of the applicant and must be administered by a licensed medical provider. The cost of the Tuberculosis test will be the responsibility of the applicant and the applicant must show written proof prior to being accepted to begin serving any sentence.

All applicants that have been approved for the program and are authorized for work release are required to agree to and wear a GPS tracking device.  Applicants must agree to the wearing and maintenance of the device prior to acceptance and being allowed to leave for work.  The cost of the device use has been included in the rates below.

The Full-Time Pay-N-Stay Inmate Worker Program costs $150.00 for the first day and $100.00 for each subsequent day for the remainder of the sentence. Work Release Inmates are charged the same as the Full-Time inmates, plus $10.00 a day for the cost of GPS tracking and monitoring.  Accepted applicants will be required to make the two week's payment prior to starting their sentence. Inmates that have sentences beyond one week will be required to make payments on the 1st and 15th of each month until all payments are collected. Once the sentence is successfully completed and all payments are collected the inmate will receive a letter of completion.

If you are interested in applying for the Pay-N-Stay alternate sentencing programs, print the Sentence Application, (requires Adobe Acrobat) complete the application, and fax it to the HUNTINGTON BEACH CITY JAIL at (714) 536-5698. If you have further questions, you may call (714) 374-5395.

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