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Planning Environmental Reports

Title: Brookhurst St. Bridge- Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration No. 2014-006

Applicant: City of Huntington Beach

Location: City of Huntington Beach- Brokhurst Street Bridge

Report Summary

Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration No. 2014-006 analyzes the potential environmental impacts associated with a proposal to perform maintenance activities on the existing Brookhurst Street bridge that are intended to restore the integrity of its original design. Repair/rehabilitation would require the following maintenance measures: Remove and replace the concrete barrier an chain link railing on both sides of the bridge with corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel fence posts and epoxy coated reinforcing steel; Remove and replace existing asphalt concrete (AC) overlay to protect the bridge and channel from water leaks and to provide a durable driving surface; Remove unsound concrete and patch concrete at the bridge bents and columns. Unsound concrete and patch concrete work over or near the channel will require working platforms with fully enclosed protective covers. All existing utilities attached or adjacent to the bridge will be protected in-place.

The project site is the existing Brookhurst Street bridge, spanning approximately 163 linear feet over the Talbert Channel, a tidally influenced waterway connecting the Pacific Ocean with the Talbert and Brookhurst marshes. The bridge is a five-span pre-stressed voided slab bridge with six traffic lanes (three lanes in each direction) and a pedestrian sidewalk on both north and south sides. Parts of the bridge have deteriorated due to normal wear from vehicular traffic and from tidal influx of the estuarine ecosystem setting during the last five decades. The property is not designated as a hazardous waste property on any of the lists of such sites pursuant to Section 65962.5 of the Government Code. 

Project was approved by the Zoning Administrator on April 15, 2015.

Please contact the Public Works Department at 714-536-5431 for further information.

Project Status: In Progress

Project Planner: Hayden Beckman

Last Updated: May 13, 2015


  1. Draft MND No. 2014-006

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